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Five Things That Define Lake Worth

1. The historic cottages: The city has more than 1,000 — more than any other city in the state. They are in the city’s historic neighborhoods and are only a bike ride away from the beach. There are many styles that reflect their owners’ creativity as well as the city’s history. 

2. Lake Worth Casino: The crown jewel of city amenities, home to a beach, a pier, restaurants, a casino building and an award-winning wedding facility. The facility remains a key reason why residents — and tourists — visit Lake Worth.

3. Art: Lake Worth is a true arts city where artists want to live and work. Unlike other cities who call themselves an art community because they have galleries with champagne-sipping customers, Lake Worth is an arts community because it has artists.

4. Cool events: Lake Worth is home to a variety of unusual events, including the Street Painting Festival, Reggaefest, Midnight Sun Festival, the July 4th Raft Race.

5. Downtown fun: There’s always something to do, or someone to see, whether it’s checking out a show at the The Lake Worth Playhouse, or simply people watching on Lake and Lucerne avenues. 

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