Goals for Lake Worth

1 Holding our local Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) accountable to its stated goals and required transparency

2 Promoting community involvement in land use decisions through education, advocacy and grass-roots organization

3 Honoring and maintaining the city of Lake Worth’s historic buildings by retaining the unique Old Florida charm they embody

4 Increasing and supporting the city of Lake Worth’s walkability which promotes good health and a cohesive viable neighborhood



We operate purely as a grass-roots organization through the kindness and concern of the Lake Worth Beach community. We are asking that the public agencies in which we place our trust repay us with accountability and transparency in all they do. This website was created to inform the public of what we do and to offer education and insight into the uniqueness of the City of Lake Worth Beach, Florida so that others may understand the vulnerability and threat posed to our City by the very agencies entrusted to protect us.

Our latest cause is about accountability and the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) of the City of Lake Worth Beach.  The many historically designated Lake Worth Cottages owned by the CRA now stand unoccupied and subject to demolition by neglect rather than providing the much-needed housing they provided until the CRA evicted the standing tenants. Currently the public has not been properly informed of plans for the properties and there is no masterplan or guiding principles set forth .

We felt that the demolition of historic buildings and street pattern that makes up the unique character of Lake Worth Beach was a call to arms to bring together citizens to recognize what we have before it is too late



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